STCW Personal Survival Techniques – Sea Survival

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Event Details

To give all persons going to sea the essential basic knowledge of survival equipment, survival principles and techniques that can be applied in the event of a marine casualty.

Course Content

  • Types of emergency situations such as collision, fire, sinking
  • Types of life-saving appliances normally carried on ships
  • Equipment in survival craft
  • Location of personal life-saving appliances
  • Principles concerning survival

Practical instruction will include

  • Donning a life jacket
  • Donning and use an immersion suit
  • Safely entering the water from a height
  • Righting an inverted life raft while wearing a life jacket and immersion suit
  • Swimming while wearing a life jacket
  • Keeping afloat
  • Boarding a life raft from ship and water while wearing a life jacket
  • Taking initial actions on boarding a life raft to enhance chance of survival
  • Streaming a drogue or sea anchor
  • Operating location devices, including radio equipment


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