Provisional Booking

1. Whether by email, phone or in person, a provisional booking cannot be held without a deposit should the course become full.

2. Until a fully completed booking form and a 50% deposit payment have been made the booking is not firm and PSS (Palma Sea School) reserve the right to sell the vacancy to another student.

3. The Sea School Co-ordinator will endeavour to contact students at risk of losing their place in this way, but this cannot be guaranteed. The only way to be sure of a place is to pay a deposit.

4.A booking will be deemed firm once a booking form is received completed in full & the minimum deposit has been paid.


5. Payment can be made by Cash, Credit/Debit Card or by Bank Transfer.

6. If paying by Bank Transfer please inform the Sea School Co-ordinator immediately to ensure your booking is held.

Deposit & Cancellation Charges

7. A 50% deposit is required in order to make a confirmed booking.

8. If a booking is made within 1 month of the date of the Training Course the full fee is required on booking.

9. If a booking is cancelled less than 1 month prior to the course start date deposit becomes non-refundable however may be moved to another date.

10. If a booking is cancelled within 2 weeks of the course start date, PSS shall make every effort to re-sell the place on the course. If successful, the student may transfer their deposit to a date in the future. If unsuccessful the deposit shall be retained without transfer to mitigate costs.

School Cancellation

11. If for any reason PSS cancels a Training Course, PSS shall inform students immediately.  No liability shall be attached to PSS beyond refunding full fee paid to the course cancelled or unused portion if the course has been started.

12. No payment shall be made for incidental costs.

Force Majeure

13. The School shall not be liable for any expenses incurred due to Force Majeure, including Act of God, weather conditions, strikes, acts of Government or omissions, changes in laws or regulations, war or any other occurrence beyond our control. Where cancellations are due to Force Majeure no refunds for course bookings will be given, however, credit vouchers will be issued for courses at a later date.

Risk Disclaimer

14. No liability is accepted for student’s personal possessions left in the classroom, on a pontoon or onboard any PSS training vessel.

15. No liability is accepted for students whilst in or on any PSS property, yachts, pontoon or whilst boarding yachts.

16. All students take part in any course at their own risk. notified PSS, will automatically forfeit the total monies paid.

Delay/ Failure to Arrive

17. If a student is likely to be delayed beyond the start time of a course, PSS should be told as soon as possible.

18. Any student who fails to arrive, for any reason whatsoever, including illness & has not notified PSS, will automatically forfeit the total monies paid.

Under 18’s

19. 12-16 year olds are accepted on some training courses when accompanied by a parent or guardian. Students of this age can only be issued with restricted certificates.

20. Students from the age of 16 are accepted unaccompanied but all booking forms for those under 18 should be signed by a parent or guardian stating the fact they are signing on behalf of a minor

Medical Conditions & Sea Sickness

21. If you have any worries about sea sickness, we suggest you check with your GP that you can take sea sickness tablets. Ideally these should be taken in advance of the training start time however they are available on board our training yachts in the first aid kits.

22. All students with special medical problems should also check with their GP that it acceptable for them to take part in the course.

23. Students should inform PSS of any medical condition when booking & ensure any personal medication is brought to the course.

24. If the Training course requires a medical disclaimer signed before the course, PSS reserve the right to refuse participation for any student who fails to produce a signed form.

Instructor’s Decisions

25. The instructor’s decision is final at all times on PSS property or yachts.

26.All students will accept all orders & decisions given to them by the instructor at all times whilst on board PSS yachts or ashore, until the course is finished.

27. The instructor’s authority is total, day & night in accordance with Marine Law.

28. If for any reason a student does not accept an order from the instructor or his designated substitute, whether the student considers it to be reasonable or not, the student shall be considered to be in breach of the Terms & Conditions of the Company.

29. The instructor shall take any action or decision he considers fit for the wellbeing of the crew & vessel.

30.If the student is placed ashore at the nearest port, no liability whatsoever shall attach itself to PSS, and neither shall the student have any redress for any expenses or unused portion of the fee, nor any redress against the instructor as a result of any action or decision by the instructor.


31. If a student has any complaint, it should be raised with the Sea School Co-ordinator or Principal at the earliest time in writing, so that any problem can be resolved as quickly as possible.

Sea Time

32. Every attempt will be made to give students maximum sea time.

33. If, in the opinion of the Instructor, the weather conditions, safety or any other consideration makes it imprudent for training to continue, the Instructor’s decision is final.

Sea School Insurance

34. PSS is insured for instructions & Charters.

35. The needs of those who train with PSS will vary and PSS strongly advises students to obtain their own insurance for sickness, illness, loss of course fees, loss of personal effects, cancellation or curtailment, travel disruption or delay, accident on board or any other reason students consider sensible for their personal life style or wellbeing.

Breakages & Damages

36.Breakages and damages MUST be notified immediately to the Instructor or Sea School Coordinator for safety.

Duties on board

37. All students will be expected to participate in cleaning the yacht & ensuring the vessel is kept clean & tidy at all times (adhering to the rules of the Vessel).

38.On training vessels there is an A4 sheet making clear the rules that MUST be adhered to at all times. A copy of these rules is also available from the office.

39. At the end of the course/exam all students will be expected to clean the yacht thoroughly.


40. Certificates will only be issued at the end of a course if, in the opinion of the Instructor, the student has reached the required standard & agreed the student has been in full attendance. This decision will be final & accepted by all students.

41. MCA AEC Certificates, ICC, RYA commercially endorsed licences; RYA Coastal Skipper & RYA Yachtmaster Certificates are issued by an external authority.

42.As soon as your certificate/licence has arrived you will be informed by email or telephone call. Please allow 3-4 weeks & ensure your details are supplied in full on your Booking Form.

43. PSS will not be held responsible for any delays in receipt of certificates/licences from external authorities. Nor shall PSS be held responsible for any loss of certificates if requested to be delivered to an address external to PSS.

44. Lost certificates may be re-issued for a small administration charge.